Nourish your Body - Nourish you Soul    


That is what we are all about here at Stiggly Holistics.  Making nourishing choices to heal ourselves, our loved ones, our community, our planet!


But nourishment is so much more than just the food we eat. 


The word holistic really means "whole picture" and that's what we like to explore here! We regard each and every wellness story from a multitude of angles:  what did you like to do when you were little?  What pulls on your heart strings, makes you tick, makes you smile?  What makes you leap out of bed each day?  Or conversely, what makes you wish to stay under the duvet? 


Who are you deep down inside? What does your innner child want to do for fun?  How is your inner wisdom guiding you?  Are you happy at work? Do you make time for dancing, dreaming, doodling? 


Is your heart yearning for something more? Is there something you need to get off your chest?  A story to be told?  A song to be sung?


Sometimes we get to a place in our life where we have "tried everything" - every diet, every style of exercise, every cream, potion & cleanse on the market - but STILL nothing is shifting! 


At Stiggly Holistics we look not just at the food on your plate, but also, and perhaps most importantly; the Primary Food, on your metaphorical plate, aka Soul Food - the "food" we need to truly nourish the body, heart & soul. 


Because we believe very much in bio-individuality, we help you find your very own path to wellness, through exploration & investigation of creativity, spirituality, community, joy, relationships, career ... AND good food! 


Stiggly Holistics Offerings:
To suit different learning styles & budgets we've created options!


~ Seasonal Cleanse & Nourish Classes: Global & online, in the comfort of your own home  (see Upcoming Cleanse & Events for dates)


~ One-on-One Counseling (Sign up for a consultation - phone/Skype/in-person)


~ Small Wellness Groups:  ("Holistic Healing: A Creative Process" and "Intention Setting" - new groups forming April 2018, here is the application form)


~ DIY "How-To" Evening Classes (green cleaning & home made cosmetics - small group, individual & parties, seasonal).


~ Wellness Workshops & Discussion Evenings (various topics: including mindful eating, food & mood, you & sugar, immune boosting, and more:  contact me about meeting at your company, with your bookgroup or other community)



Juiciness every Tuesday:

Each Tuesday we send out a little newsie.  "Juicy Tuesday" offers recipes; wellness tips; general musings around holistic health; and alerts for upcoming events.   We hope you'll opt in to get juicy with us.  Each Juicy Tuesday email is also a reminder to drop your shoulders, take a stretch break for a moment.... and BREATHE.


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Have a delicious day.