Stiggly's Watermelon Smoothie 

stiggly's silent watermelon smoothie video! 


you will need - a blender, a watermelon, a little salt, lime juice and a little water to help your blender along.  it's also yummy with fresh mint or basil!






Greenmarket's Green Smoothie with Edible Flowers

1 cup organic/raw (good quality) coconut water

juice of one organic lemon

1 TBS apple cider vinegar

1 small pear: seeded & chopped (if organic, leave skin on)

1 kiwi (leave skin if organic)

1 TBS chopped ginger** (leave skin if organic)

1 TBS chia seeds

1 TBS whole flax seeds

1 TBS hemp seeds

1 cup peeled & chopped guava

3 collard green leaves (or other greens of choice)

edible flowers

3-4 ice cubes (if you desire)

In the blender:

coconut water, lemon juice, acv, pear, kiwi, ginger.

blend until just mixed

then - add all seeds, guava, greens

blend again 'til just mixed

add ice and blend 'til smooth

garnish with edible flowers (if desired)


** thinly slice against the grain to prevent long strands of fiber that even a Vitamix won't blend.


Smoothie Love by Stiggly:


Juice: Beet, Lemon, Fennel, Ginger, Apple, Celery & Love


Delicious, Decadent, Dessert-Like... Persimmon & Pomegranate Smoothie

Oh my goodness me I just made myself the most delectable delicious (dare I say "indulgent") sexy smoothie.  Really it's dessert, I would happily serve it up at a dinner party in Marie Antoinette style old fashioned champagne glasses.  There was not a lick left in the blender! oh it is so fun to have a little vision in food prep and it come true!

Mmmmmmmm I am still floating!

10 fluid ounces of raw organic coconut water (bottled or from a coconut, but do get the good stuff)

Half a cup of frozen organic pomegranate seeds

One persimmon

Half an avocado

1 teaspoon of maca powder

Pinch of pink salt

(add a tsp of raw cacao powder for a "chocolate pudding"

Blended in the blender 'til thick and creamy

Pour into a pretty glass

Top with a few goji berries (or raspberries) and a few coconut flakes just to make it pretty

Enjoy mindfully (close your eyes and notice all the nuances) with a long handled teaspoon