CLEANSING & NOURISHING with Stiggly Holistics (as seen in Prevention Magazine)

Do you find yourself putting-off taking-care of yourself? Do you feel tired, emotional, confused as to what to eat and what not to eat? A Stiggly Cleanse & Nourish class is a wonderful opportunity to press your personal reset/recalculate button, time to focus on YOU for a change.

As well as giving your digestive system a rest by eating delicious unprocessed home cooked foods; it's also time to nourish your whole self through daily self-care rituals.  These classes are designed as springboards into long term wellness, and are packed with information and tools to take with you when the class finishes. You will have access to our VIP website, only open to members.

A group cleanse & nourish such as this is very much a community experience - the sharing space forum is of course "secret/private", and is made up of intelligent, thoughtful, kind souls from around the world, so you will have many cheerleaders. One of the beautiful things about a group class is the accountability - with all the checking-in you are more likely to stay present, and help another do the same.

A Stiggly Cleanse & Nourish Class is a tiered process - as we go from phase to phase we are preparing practically, emotionally and physically for what's to come, rather than diving in at the deep end.  We start with Warm-up & wean-off week to help you prepare emotionally and practically, followed by ten days of cleansing, releasing and letting go.  Those days ten days are then followed by a three-four day gentle phase-out period.  All of the above is geared towards post-class wellness.

The focus throughout the class is on nourishing the whole body, taking care of the imune system, healing the digestive system and other organs, and releasing our dependency on classically "addictive" foods.  Attention really is given to the concept of nourishment - feeding our beautiful bodies with food & habits that make us feel good!    It is a chance to give your whole body a well needed rest.  Many people release a little weight, and generally feel lighter all around.   

Daily Challenges:

In addition to the fodd stuff I present you with optional daily challenges, including guided journaling, financial healing & fasting, meditating, joyful decluttering, moving your body, planking, colouring and more fun things.  By choosing one or two of these challenges to support your cleanse, you will likely also learn a great deal about yourself and how you can step out of your own way.

Why We Cleanse:

By giving our bodies a break from the every day wear-and-tear of modern life, we can keep them working for us a lot longer.  It is believed that cleansing and fasting can actually reverse the effects of aging throughout the whole body!   

Detoxification is something very natural & we do it everyday: while we sleep, when we sweat, when we move our bodies, and when we empty our bladders and bowels.  But excess intake of stress, everyday environmental toxins, greasy food, cigarettes, alcohol, dairy, gluten, and so forth actually can really tax the body - thus slowing down our natural detoxification system.  When our bodies don't detoxify efficiently we potentially pave the way for disease.  A backed-up digestive system, an overworked liver, and/or skin does not breath properly can lead to unwellness of all kinds.  This may show up outwardly as dark circles around eyes, dull skin, unwanted pounds around your mid-section, bloating, feeling tired all the time..... these are your bodies MESSAGES that it's time to look within and do some internal housework! 

So, periodically it's really important to look at what we are eating and drinking - to give our bodies a rest from hard to digest foods, to look at our thoughts and emotions, the clutter in our homes, and to reduce the stress levels.

And to Nourish?  We believe that the nourishment portion of these classes is equal, if not more important than the "cleanse" part.  Nourishment comes from whole food that suits our individual bodies, as well as taking the time to go inwards and focus on SELF for a moment - getting to bed earlier, taking time to enjoy a bath, spend time writing in our journals or going for a "just because" walk.

Sacha Jones, the founder & director of Stiggly Holistics, has been studying cleansing & nourishing since 2003.   Her own cleanse and nourish practice is always growing and changing - it is her great pleasure to guide people through a holistic, whole-foods cleansing program.  Stiggly cleanse & nourish classes are good for first timers as well as for those who have cleansed a hundred times. 

What to expect from a Stiggly On-Line Cleanse Class: 

~ You will receive daily email guidance from Stiggly Holistics, so you will feel very supported.  Sacha Jones will be your accountability teacher for the duration of the cleanse.  There will also be a special website dedicated to each chapter we are on, recipes and so forth - available only to members.

~ You will have the opportunity to sign up to our Facebook Group, aka Sharing Space, for amazing peer support (if you don't have FB, think about setting up an account just for this purpose).

~ You will have homework assignments to keep you on track.

~ You will receive recipes and tips (and feel free to share your own).

~ If you sign up early you will have warm up preparation emails to get you ready. Strongly recommended.

~ Your cleanse will include lots of seasonal (where possible) whole foods, cooked and raw, and is not limited to smoothies and juices - WHOLE NOURISHING REAL FOOD is the name of the game. 

~ You will be encouraged to spend time on the guided journaling exercises and personal reflection time.

~ You will address clutter and home cleansing - creating space - joyfully.

~ You will feel sassy, sexy and energized*

~ You will release unwanted weight and toxins*

~ You will feel fabulous*

* remember the more you put into a cleanse, the more you get out of it.  Feeling sassy, sexy, fabulous, energized and releasing weight and toxins are typical on one of these cleanses, but I am unable to absolutely guarantee anything, everyone is different - but this is all very likely if you are present and motivated and give yourself the gift of fully showing up for YOU!

NOTE - All Stiggly Cleanse Offerings are just that, and you must take FULL and TOTAL responsibility for your own health.  By signing up for a Stiggly Cleanse you are agreeing to take 100% responsibility for yourself.  You must be at least 18 years old to participate.  

Price?  You decide!

Stiggly Holistic cleanses are always offered at a sliding scale, to be available for various income levels. We ask you to consider what is a true investment in you, and what price point will keep YOU motivated and present. The true price/value of this cleanse is $200. If you invest at this level you are helping me to continue with the sliding scale. Keeping these classes available to those who can join at the $75 level.  Thank you.

Of course it is hard to place true value on health, but experience has taught me that the more one invests, the more likely one is to fully show up for themself.  If the lowest price range I offer is a true investment for you, please pick that level.   However, if you know that a higher investment is within your budget and you know that you are more likely to "show up" for yourself by investing more, please do so.  I also ask you to consider that your higher investment enables me to keep offering this diverse price range, inviting those with smaller incomes to cleanse & nourish. Think of it as supporting my Scholarship Fund.

(There is never a judgement on my end, no matter which box you tick!  But do consider your own self-investment, as well as supporting this hard-working one-woman small-business.

Bonuses/Price Points:

- All investment price points starting from $75 invite you to be a part of the community forum (a private Facebook group) aka our Sharing Space (ALL communication is kept to the Forum where your questions will be answered). You will receive daily emails, tips, access to private website, recipes etc.

- $150 and above I invite you to privately message with me twice (optional) within the cleanse period with personal questions, as well enjoying the Private Forum Sharing Space and all mentioned above.  A fifteen minute wellness consultation is available to you during the class, or within one month.  (Optional - please contact me to make an appt if this is of interest.)

- $200 and above investments - All of the above but instead of 15 mins, a 30 minute wellness consultation with me (during, or within one month), if this is of interest (optional - you must email me to make an appointment).

Please choose the $ value that you feel is an investment in Yourself AND in Stiggly Holistics, an independently run, small business.  Thank you so much.


Some testimonial quotes ~
"Thank you so much, Sacha!  Your cleanse was the best thing EVER! I have a different, more peaceful respect for my body and for my peace of mind. I've noticed so many nuances were able to bubble to the surface that have been calling to me all of my life. Now I can honor the callings and therefore honor myself more. 
You really helped me so much! 
And, I've realized just how little food my body actually needs! And being off dairy feels really good. Grains as well. For now, I'm loving all of the good ways that you've taught me how to nurture and love MYSELF. As a woman who grew up in a family dominated by males, the value in what you do is priceless!!  
Thank you so very much, Sacha - from the bottom of my big beautiful heart​! Your program is Life changing!  Love you so much!"  Xoxoxox E, Callicoon, NY

I was initially drawn in by a friend who shared news of an upcoming cleanse on Facebook, and I thought "That's just what I need". I did the cleanse and found myself introduced to a whole new world I knew little about: New ways of thinking about healing and nourishment, the cleansing of both body and mind in a positive, joyful, life-giving manner that was really surprising, and the opportunity to be part of a community of funny, dynamic and lovely people from all over the world (that said, one can participate fully in the cleanses without any obligation to participate in a social capacity)." - Sara - Paris, France



“Sacha wow!!! What a wonderful experience your holistic cleanse has been. Your support and guidance over the three weeks was remarkable - support love and guidance truly has no boundaries. Even though I am in Oz and your based I New York, it felt as if you were right here with me..every step along the way. I feel empowered and have gained some wonderful new rituals if think I will now have for life. Thank you so much Sacha - I will be back on future cleanses and I am recommending you to everyone I know x”  – Olivia, Western Australia

“The cleanse helped me to become much more aware of what I eat and how food affects me emotionally and physically. I feel great. It motivated me to stop drinking caffeine, which was definitely affecting me a LOT (in a negative way). I gained a lot of useful information and many new recipes - which I absolutely love. I would recommend this cleanse highly!” – Julie, NYC

“A Stiggly Cleanse with Sacha Jones is an all encompassing self care program. It covers everything from buying yourself fresh flowers to journaling to hydrating to green cleaning to listening to your body to exercise to whole foods healthy eating and more. I wasn't sure a cleanse was for me, but hadn't been feeling well for quite some time. Sacha makes it gentle and easy - do what you can when you can-- with a warm up week and e-mail messages everyday in a very nurturing tone. At the end you have tools to keep for life! A wonderful program.” – Nan, Westchester NY

"For years I thought about a Stiggly Cleanse as something nice and interesting, but not for me - I thought it would be too much work: and I would need all those ingredients that are hard to find in the countryside in Italy where I live. And the blender: do I really want to have a blender in my kitchen? The answer was no. So no blender, no Stiggly cleanse - this was pretty much my equation! But then I tried!!  And I discovered with joy that I could absolutely have fun, many benefits and feel great without a blender and without so many special ingredients. I spent three dream weeks: my home has been my personal retreat, my kitchen my little laboratory, the cleanse FB community the best supporting group of friends and my body my temple. Thank you StigglyEmoji "  - Cristina (Arezzo, Italy)
"When I was asked by a friend to join her on a Stiggly cleanse, I didn't know much about it. What I soon discovered was each day Sacha would send us a beautiful email that was affirmative, inspiring and educative. I did not know that my fellow cleansers would be from at least 5 different countries, who shared victories, challenges, recipes and details of their lives on Sacha's private Facebook page. Now post cleanse I am caffeine and sugar free. My body aches less and even my home is cleaner, with the added bonus of losing 8 pounds. I am signing up for the next cleanse because I so enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and Sacha's lovely and sage advice!" - Jamie, NYC

"I feel more connected; my body feels healthier and healing, my meditations are more peaceful, my writing is better. What more can I ask for? Thanks Sacha, you are the absolute best." - Harold, NYC

"I realize and appreciate all the work and attention and love you put into these wonderful cleanses. Your energy mobilises, inspires, soothes and befriends us all!" - Mika, Paris

"I haven't used the antibiotics since the last cleanse and my skin is just glowing.  AND, I wanted to let you know that my digestive issues have completely cleared up. No more cramps, no more mid stomach pains, very little bloatedness!!! Yayyyy!!!! And THANK YOU!!!!  You have helped me so much!! Thank you!  Everybody should do a Stiggly Cleanse."  Nora, NYC

"I feel great! I am amazed!  Could it be possible that my wrinkles have diminished?" - Ann, NYC, NY

"I didn't ever go into deep cleanse mode but I can say this: I have drastically and permanently changed my diet as a result of this experience." - Lynne, California

"I feel focused young grasshopper...must be the turmeric..." - Marc, NY

"I can't tell you how self possessed, focused, aware, energized, slim, clean and calm I feel.  I feel delicious!"  Jessie, NYC!

"I have participated in nine Stiggly cleanses now, and each one has taken me more deeply into a place of health, of self-caring, of presence.  I look forward to many more opportunities to move closer to peace and well-being."  Kate, Spain

 "I've done three cleanses with Sacha Jones and can't say enough good things about the experience. There is so much to gain from concentrating for a few weeks on your wellness in the company of an amazing guide and so many fantastic co-cleansers from all over the globe. Each time I take something new and surprising from the experience. Everyone should do it two or three times a year. It just gets better every time."  William, Greece

    "Anyone who says: "I'm not made for a cleanse" just needs to switch the subject and object. Thanks to Sacha Jones, my syntax is now spot on: The cleanse is made for me. Endless discovery." Shelly, Paris

    "Cleansing with Sacha Jones is a gratefully life-changing experience and a wonderful gift to yourself!" Adrienne NYC

"After having done my first Stiggly Cleanse, I kept humming, singing and even shouting the Nina Simone song "Feeling Good" all day: "It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life For me,  And I'm feeling good...."  and here half-way through my second cleanse I am already humming again. Get ready for the screaming, dear world! Why not join the choir of happy cleansers and sing along with me?"   - Lisbeth, Denmark

"I feel privileged to have done 5 cleanses with Sacha. It's as gentle as you need it to be, a true eye opener. To me it felt like I was being carried along with the support from not only Sacha but the other fantastic people that I got to know." - Stacie, England

Sacha Jones, founder of Stiggly Holistics, is a Certified Holistic Wellness Counselor (American Association of Drugless Practioners) and has been teaching cleanse classes in person and online, with groups and individuals since 2006.  The online class option is really wonderful because it means that no matter where you live or what kind of work schedule you have you can stil attend - from the comfort of your own kitchen.  It's also a beautiful opportunity to bring community together with a gorgeous global group of intelligent, wellness-intentioned, lovely souls.  In community we have the capacity to ripple effect kindness and planet healing.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead