"I am riding the Parisian metro on Monday morning, and I just finished reading your email below. I am so grateful for your newsletters. Your words are like a balm on my heart and mind, helping me to release unnecessary stress. Sometimes I get really worked up about my job that I love so much : and to read your words about slowing down and taking care of myself -- they help me to breathe and let it go. I'm a bit bleary eyed this Monday morning but so fulfilled at the same time. (omitted section)  I'm sharing all this to share my gratitude for your wisdom and help over the years. You're like a fairy of wellness in my inbox, and what's more, you are exemplary in how you connect with people. Thank you so, so much Sacha.  Gros Bisous from Paris" - Julie F, Paris, France


"Thank you so much, Sacha!  Your cleanse was the best thing EVER! I have a different, more peaceful respect for my body and for my peace of mind. I've noticed so many nuances were able to bubble to the surface that have been calling to me all of my life. Now I can honor the callings and therefore honor myself more.  You really helped me so much! I'm loving all of the good ways that you've taught me how to nurture and love MYSELF."

Ellany G.  New York

! Your program is Life changing!  

"Sacha, I wanted to thank you for this wonderful cleanse!! It was fun, educative, innovative, delicious, new, inspiring, supportive and the extra's (core strengthening, cleaning out clutter, doodling) kept it playful and light. Thank you!!!" - Edith

"You can never take this cleanse too many times. It recalibrates your life and develops intense focus while connecting you with a world community. Open and embracing, Sacha provides a space to heal, grow, and gather. So full of Love." Cecelia Fernandes, New Orleans

"I am a busy mother of two and business owner. I thought signing up for the cleanse was going to be difficult and stressful but my friend coaxed me to do it. The cleanse ended up being wonderful and I was able to go my own pace with the nurturing help of Sasha and the other participants. To my surprise, I ended up making some very positive and healthy changes to my crazy life including purposely carving out time for my personal self care and well being. This is a great thing for a working mother. Thank you, Sasha!" - anonymous

"Nutrition was always boring to me. Not any more! I have blossomed and am having so much fun fixing delicious whole foods and drinks that make me glow and give me confidence. Thanks to Sacha and Stiggly followers I have changed. I had never tried complex combinations of foods and spices - nor understood why it would benefit! I had never looked at fermented foods, hemp, tahini, maca, chaga, tea infusions...now I am hooked! It is really a beautiful and caring way to live. Oh, and did I say delicious and detoxing? I am retired and have been blessed with good health, now I feel like I appreciate that and want to maintain it. I guess I have a raised consciousness! I applaud Stiggly Cleanses and Nutritional Retreats and credit them with my knowledge of how to achieve a fulfilling relationship with food that stokes an energy and enthusiasm that will be passed on to future generations. Love you!" - Linda Martus, Milfrod, MI

"I had a very good time during the cleanse, it was easy to follow, there were many challenges to choose from, the recipes were deliscious and easy to make, everyone was supportive and I quickly started to feel energetic and light. Plus, I lost more weight then I thougt I would lose." - anonymous

"Thank you Sacha for your very attentive nurturing and guidance throughout our Spring Fling. I actually devour all of the wonderful and sometimes amazing scope of information that is helpful and so important to know. I have been with you for a number of cleanses now (5?) and each one is different for me. I get better and better at incorporating new ways of thinking and adding or strengthening new healthy habits to my everyday life cycle. I look forward to my time after a cleanse is completed because I'm proud of my own knowledge and the choices I decide to make whether they be food, daily life decisions, work or friends and family related. So, until next time I will be happily drawing from my increasing Stiggly arsenal of intuitive, confident and smart everyday life choices that I am faced with. xoxo"  - Mary Ellen, NYC

'I did my first cleanse this fall. Prior to the cleanse I drank over 6 cups of coffee per day and drank wine several times a week. I gradually weaned myself off coffee and replaced it with fire water which I absolutely love and look forward to each morning. I love the different phases of the cleanse and thinking about nourishing our bodies and eating mindfully. I will continue to think about food in that way. The community aspect of Stiggly Cleanses is fabulous and I'm so appreciative of everyone sharing so freely on the Facebook page. Sacha is so supportive, positive and knowledgeable and I know that I'm a more confident, healthier woman for doing a Stiggly Cleanse. Thank you, Sacha!' - anonymous

"I've had the pleasure of having Sacha take me on a cleansing journey with Stiggly Holistics. She is a trusted teacher and a fabulous being. Her kindness cradles you through. Her intelligence & creativity inspires. I am so grateful for all I've learned and the tools she has given me. This won't be my last interaction with Stiggly Holistics.   With love & respect" -  Beth, LI, NY

"Thank you Sacha for an incredible journey of possibilities during your spring cleanse. It was beyond my wildest dreams. You are an exquisite teacher." - Ann N, NYC

"I have been a loving follower of Sacha Jones and Stiggly Holistics for about 3 years now, and it has brought so much to my life! I was initially drawn in by a friend who shared news of an upcoming cleanse on Facebook, and I thought "That's just what I need". I did the cleanse and found myself introduced to a whole new world I knew little about: New ways of thinking about healing and nourishment, the cleansing of both body and mind in a positive, joyful, life-giving manner that was really surprising, and the opportunity to be part of a community of funny, dynamic and lovely people from all over the world (that said, one can participate fully in the cleanses without any obligation to participate in a social capacity).
Afterwards, I joined one of Sacha's private Wellness groups and the amazing women I met in that group have become a constant part of my life, a network of sisters with similar concerns and interests: Health and well-being, living purposefully and mindfully, giving to others and learning to accept help and love graciously.
I cannot recommend Stiggly holistics highly enough!" - Sara - Paris, France

" this was my first Stiggly cleanse and I'm so grateful to my friend that recommended to do it. I'd got into bad drinking/eating/life:work balance habits and my relationship with my husband was pretty dire too. I feel so much clearer, stronger and happier now - I feel I can plan my way forwards and make the changes that I've been too worried about making. I will definitely be on board for the next cleanse!"

"When I was asked by a friend to join her on a Stiggly cleanse, I didn't know much about it. What I soon discovered was each day Sacha would send us a beautiful email that was affirmative, inspiring and educative. I did not know that my fellow cleansers would be from at least 5 different countries, who shared victories, challenges, recipes and details of their lives on Sacha's private Facebook page. Now post cleanse I am caffeine and sugar free. My body aches less and even my home is cleaner, with the added bonus of losing 8 pounds. I am signing up for the next cleanse because I so enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and Sacha's lovely and sage advice!"  Jamie, NYC

'This was my first Stiggly cleanse, and I am looking forward to doing it again. It was an uplifting experience, happy, positive and really taught me to be mindful of my eating, and food choices. I loved the holistic approach, not only dealing with food, but body, core strength and feeling good about your home, surroundings and life! MZ


"Joining the women's wellness group has been the ultimate expression of love to myself. It has silenced the voice that kept telling me "I am not good enough or worthy enough" and instead brought out the ME I want to be." - Lisbeth, Denmark

"I love the Stiggly cleanse Sasha provides. She is so genuine and comforting during the process. She encourages you to keep going, is very responsive and always tells us what to expect. I definitely plan on completing another cleanse with her!"

"I haven't used the antibiotics since the last cleanse and my skin is just glowing. My only skin care is glycerin soap and organic argan oil and I am still juicing (have moved to very green juices and using spirulina), drinking fire water, using my probiotic, flax and chia. My skin looks so remarkable.  AND, I wanted to let you know that my digestive issues have completely cleared up. No more cramps, no more mid stomach pains, very little bloatedness!!! Yayyyy!!!! And THANK YOU!!!!You have helped me so much!! Thank you!  Everybody should do a Stiggly Cleanse."  Nora, NYC 

"One of the hardest things for me to figure out about America was the food. Coming from Russia, it was so exciting to have such a wide variety of authentic food from every corner of the world. However, it was difficult when I wanted to cook at home (and I love to do so). Lots of ingredients were so unfamiliar to me and I wasn’t happy with choices I was making. And eventually I started to feel sick even though I thought I was eating healthy.      Eating and feeling healthier became the easiest thing in the world when I met Sacha.  Sacha confirms my opinion that you can trust a professional person who is very passionate about healthy food and who cares about the people she surrounds herself with. There are a lot of specialists who can definitely point you in one or another, but Sacha’s direction has its foundation in her own experience, education and passion. I’ve done cleanses with Sacha regularly since 2010. At first, she conducted group meetings, which were very nice and productive. However, I did not initially feel as though I had dedicated myself enough and I really wanted to continue, so I signed up for another cleanse in early spring the next year. Then, Sacha took her cleanses online and I was extremely happy. Even though I always like to meet new people, it still takes time to go somewhere for these meetings but online ... that is something completely different. Simply amazing. Sacha is always available and is definitely very supportive during the cleansing period. Any question or concern is solved right on the spot. Everybody in the cleanse group is so dedicated to helping one another. And if somebody does not want to get involved in the discussion aspects, that’s okay too. I do Sacha’s cleanse at least twice a year, spring and fall, and it’s always different. I learn new things and interact with people from all over the world. Sometimes I like to be the quiet one in the group, and other times I get pretty involved in the discussions.  One of the more exciting aspects of the cleanse is exchanging recipes. Some people think that you have to starve yourself during a cleanse, but it’s actually quite the opposite. And people share so many different recipes for soups, salads, and even smoothies. The “raw” portion of the cleanse actually became my favorite part, especially after I figured out how to play with my food. Yes you can do that! All you really have to do is give yourself a chance to be a little more open to the healthier choices in life and you will have a wonderful, unique experience. You will never regret it, but there is the slight chance you may become addicted." - Nonna, Brooklyn NYC

"The Stiggly Cleanse is amazing! It has changed my relationship with food and as a result, I feel so much better! The cleanse is a safe, encouraging, anduplifting experience that I would highly recommend!" Heather Pennsylvania

"Wonderful, wonderful program!!" 

"I did my first Stiggly Cleanse two years ago, and immediately after, signed up for a Stiggly Wellness Group. Though that didn't mark the beginning of my pursuit of health and wellness, my life has been much different since joining the Stiggly community.  Every day I make different, healthier choices as a result of what I've learned here, and my Wellness Group helps me keep on track & continue to challenge myself. My group is accepting, non-judgmental, safe, and nurturing, and also a source of great wisdom, friendship and joy. We kindly nudge one another, and have  grown to truly act as a team.. we are stronger than the sum of our parts. We don't just talk about food either, but about whatever struggles we might want to share; we maintain an environment that invites personal growth, without pushing one another to go beyond what feels comfortable. Sacha Jones' Stiggly Holistics has become a part of my life for which I am grateful every day." - Lex B, Calgary, Canada

"It has been so long since I have felt grounded in a place...i am grateful every day!  I also just wanted to thank you again for being such an incredible source of support for me through what turned out to be one of the most challenging years of my life (so far...) i really don't know if all this would have come about if we hadn't had our weekly sessions, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU once again, for doing what you do.  You provide a supportive and safe environment and YOU are such a warm, loving, compassionate, FUN, and knowledgeable person...it was truly a joy to go through all the muck of myself with you and get to the other side:)"  - Anonymous (Client)

“Sacha wow!!! What a wonderful experience your holistic cleanse has been. Your support and guidance over the two weeks was remarkable - support love and guidance truly has no boundaries. Even though I am in Oz and your based I New York, it felt as if you were right here with me..every step along the way. I feel empowered and have gained some wonderful new rituals if think I will now have for life. Thank you so much Sacha - I will be back on future cleanses and I am recommending you to everyone I know x” – Olivia, Western Australia


“The cleanse helped me to become much more aware of what I eat and how food affects me emotionally and physically. I feel great. It motivated me to stop drinking caffeine, which was definitely affecting me a LOT (in a negative way). I gained a lot of useful information and many new recipes - which I absolutely love. I would recommend this cleanse highly!” – Julie, NYC


“A Stiggly Cleanse with Sacha Jones is an all encompassing self care program. It covers everything from buying yourself fresh flowers to journaling to hydrating to green cleaning to listening to your body to exercise to whole foods healthy eating and more. I wasn't sure a cleanse was for me, but hadn't been feeling well for quite some time. Sacha makes it gentle and easy - do what you can when you can-- with a warm up week and e-mail messages everyday in a very nurturing tone. At the end you have tools to keep for life! A wonderful program.” – Nan, Westchester NY


"There's no time like the present to let yourself shine!  Paying attention to the things that heal, motivate, and inspire you really does matter and getting support, encouragement, and some real concrete tools made it possible for me.  Sacha's class got me out of my funk, kick-started my year, and taught me lessons that will be with me for a lifetime.  Highly recommended!"  Nicole A


"Sacha's cleanse workshop is revolutionary.  Being healthy or cleansing your body doesn't have to mean denying or starving yourself.  This whole-life cleanse will have a lasting impact and as an added bonus you will probably make some great friends in the class as well."  Linda Perkins, NYC


"To experience Stiggly, through her Holistic Healing & The Creative Process Class, is to enter a cocoon of love, mystery, self-exploration, and fun.  One emerges, 10 classes hence, a beautiful butterfly." H. Lou, NYC


"My understanding of nutrition as something much more than just the food we eat has grown enormously; Sacha's extensive knowledge, wisdom, wit and goodwill and energy have greatly enhanced my life, spurring me to meet some necessary and some long-cherished goals, and to really understand my health as a truly holistic entity. I love getting emails from her, whether they are informational or inspirational, they are always worth my time. I have not felt as well as I do now in years! I eagerly look forward to my sessions and feel that I've not only gained a trusted teacher but a wonderful friend." Audrey Peterson, client


"Holistic Healing and the Creative Process allowed me to focus on my own health, and built my confidence and excitement for creative projects.  I really felt like a whole new world of opportunity opened up for me in this class as I discovered this creative side of myself that had been dormant for so many years.  As a part of the homework for HHCP, I signed up for figure drawing classes (something I had never remotely done before), focused on sewing and making fun bags for myself, and went on all these artistic adventures that I would never have done on my own.  Sacha is a truly loving coach and a person you want to have as your cheerleader!" Swati, Brooklyn NY


"I've had the pleasure joining Sacha for her farmer's market tour, the spring cleaning workshop and the bike riding group. Time spent with Sacha is grounding, informative and nurturing. In the multitude of topics she covers, she offers sound, solid advice and ideas. I really enjoy the way Sacha's workshops are comfortably interactive. There has always been an eclectic mix of people and I have always walked away feeling inspired and motivated to do something for myself whether it be to eat seasonal food, ponder where my food comes from, honor my body, or consider the beauty and importance my own health or the planets. I love the way Sacha encourages you to think for yourself and make changes without being pushy or dogmatic. I am really looking forward to the green clean workshop as I know I will be coming home with some invaluable knowledge and a renewed outlook on life. Thanks for everything you have done for me Sacha, you are a gem." Sarah Hams, NYC


"I took Sacha's non-toxic cleaning workshop and was amazed to learn about how easy it is to make your own cleaners, how much more cost-effective, and how much better for the environment and our bodies! My cat had been throwing up after I washed the floors with a commercial cleaner, but now that I'm using a non-toxic, homemade cleaner to mop with, he's completely stopped throwing up. It's amazing! And, I really enjoy making and using my own cleaning supplies - I feel closer to my home, and my husband and I love the aromas of lemon, rosemary, and lavender in my new non-toxic cleaning supplies. The workshop was extremely organized, fun, and I left with a huge bag of goodies that I made myself. Thanks Sacha!!" Cathryn Davis Zommer, Documentary Filmmaker


"As an avid cook (and general epicurean) fresh food in season is a passion of mine. Yet in this great city of ours, finding and understanding fresh, nature friendly, organic food can be difficult because the there is so much to choose from! Sacha's tour of the Union Square Market opened my eyes to new sources of great farm fresh organic food. The tour itself is great fun and educational. Mom’s bring your kids, or if you work close enough do a lunch time tour! Eat fresh raw scallops that taste better than candy, eat heirloom tomatoes that are sweet and succulent, buy fresh cut flowers that don’t ruin the environment. Sacha will lead you through each of the producers, give you tips on what’s good and what’s in season, what stalls are organic and little nuggets of information about the producers. What better way to spend an afternoon! p.s. Bring your own bag." Paul, NYC


"Shopping at the market with Sacha was like having someone give you a secret password, like learning the local language." - Bryan Waterman, greatwhatsit.com


"I have had the pleasure of knowing her as a friend as well as participating in her workshops and one to one coaching sessions. Her workshop designs are always imaginative relevant and practical. Her delivery style is always inclusive, warm and inspiring. Sacha brings an immense energy and passion in her unshakeable belief that we can make a difference to ourselves as well as the environment. I loved her Green Cleaning Workshop. It was practical, fun as well as useful. It offered new and fresh ways of cleaning. The energy and skills that Sacha brought to the session allowed participants to engage at a number of different levels. It was easy to get inspired about the different ways to approach cleaning and to make the connections with all the toxic cleaning products that are out there. By the end of this session you would be hard pushed not to rethink what you had under your sink.  Sacha’s love of anything that is green and organic is clearly demonstrated in its full glory in her Farmer's Market Tours. She takes you on a wonderful journey which is both practical and informative. Although I had been going to the market on and off for over 6 months Sacha was still able to help me discover parts of the Farmers Market that I had clearly missed."  Rachel Furze, New York/London


"Sacha Jones is a blessing. Her passion for her work as a holistic health counselor (and for life in general!) is obvious from the first consultation. Taking into account the individual issues and goals of her clients, Sacha assists in creating new ways of living that arise from the relationship each of us has to our sustenance---that which nourishes our souls as well as our bodies. She is one who literally practices what she preaches and gently inspires just about anyone who comes in contact with her to stop and smell the roses along this path of life---and maybe do a little composting as well! From her popular tours of the farmers' markets, to her workshops on natural home made cleaning products, to her ever appreciated 24 hour "vent" line, Sacha compassionately and patiently offers a vast array of information on healthful living options to anyone who is interested in a healthier and happier way of being. A blessing indeed." Annette Ferguson, Certified Reflexologist


"Sacha's workshops and tours are first rate. She is very energetic, knowledgeable, and clear about how to incorporate new and healthy practices into our every day busy lives. I have learned a lot; I especially liked learning how to make my own shampoo so that I will save a lot of money and use less chemicals over the years to come." Anamaria, NYC